IRS and State Audits

description Although only about one percent of tax returns are audited by the Internal Revenue Service, receiving an audit notice, or any letter about taxes, can be a frightening experience for even the most financially savvy individual. We deal directly with the IRS and state tax agencies on your behalf. The most important advice we offer is to never ignore an audit notice from the IRS. While receiving an audit notice from the IRS can be very unsettling and stressful, very often, audit cases can be handled successfully through correspondence. Hiring a qualified tax professional to assist you ensures that required paperwork is completed properly and timely, which is essential in order to be successful. Having experienced representation also ensures that the assigned auditor only receives the required information. Taxpayers who go it alone risk divulging too much information which can expand the scope of the audit and possibly worsen the outcome for the taxpayer. An experienced tax attorney has in-depth knowledge of the tax code and regulations, understands the legal issues which can arise, and understands the specifics necessary to minimize any penalties and liabilities. Our firm is fully prepared and experienced to handle your case and achieve the best possible outcome.